2016 western development of new key projects 30, with a total investment of $743 billion 800 million

2016-12-27 15:00:54

Reporters from the national development and Reform Commission, for the further implementation of the western development strategy, promoting coordinated regional development, to support the "The Belt and Road" construction and development of the Yangtze River economic belt, the 2016 national new construction of western development 30 key projects, total investment of 743 billion 800 million yuan, mainly to the West Railway, highway, water conservancy and large energy and other major infrastructure construction.
30 new key projects were:
(1) Guiyang to Nanning Railway
(2) east link of Chongqing hub
(3) Zigong intercity railway from Neijiang to Luzhou
(4) Chongqing city (Shanxi Chongqing circle) to Kaixian highway
(5) Sichuan Jiuzhaigou to Mianyang, the new road to Pingshan
(6) Yunnan Changning to Baoshan, Jinghong to Daluo highway
(7) Shaanxi to Baoji Ping Kan, Zhenping, Suide to Pingli road to Yanchuan
(8) in the section of the Beijing Tibet highway from Shizuishan to expansion project
(9) Baotou to Maoming Expressway from Baotou to extension project
(10) Xinjiang G7 Urumqi to greater Mount Huangshan, G30 to Kuitun expansion project
(11) Guangxi Nanning expressway reconstruction project from Qinzhou to
(12) the Guangxi hub of the second tier Ship Lock Project
(13) Chengdu new airport project
(14) Guiyang airport phase three expansion project
(15) the construction of the Western Regional Airport
(16) Sichuan Li Yan reservoir
(17) huangjiawan of Guizhou project
(18) irrigation reservoir in Yunnan
(19) left Guangxi Jiang Tuoying reservoir irrigation and drought treatment
(20) transformation and upgrading of rural power grids in Western China
(21) Yantan Hydropower Station in Sichuan and Tibet
(22) the Maerdang hydropower station in Qinghai
(23) Sichuan Liang Bao Bao, Jinsha Hydropower Station
(24) Xinjiang international new energy base
(25) the photovoltaic leading technology base of Baotou coal mining subsidence area in Inner Mongolia, Wuhai
(26) Shanxi - four line (27) west line - Central - Jingbian branch
(28) to the East (Anhui) Zhundong + 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC project
(29) Gansu power investment Changle power plant
(30) transformation and upgrading project of old industrial base of Lanshi group.
It is reported that from 2000 to 2016, the western development of new projects accumulated 300 key projects, the total investment of $63515 billion.